Fix Steam Content File Locked Error

Steam is a computerized dissemination stage presented in 2003 for obtaining and playing computer games. Aside from the administrations gave in connection to computer games, it additionally gives administrations like matchmaking servers, computerized rights the board, video spilling, and long-range informal communication. It's good with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Steam content file locked is the most widely recognized issue looked by steam clients. 

Methods to Fix Steam Content File Locked error 

Method 1: Repairing Corrupt files 

Degenerate files are the underlying driver for some, issues, including the Steam content file locked error too. Along these lines, it is fundamental to expel or supplant the degenerate information, for Steam to work effectively and productively. To retouch the degenerate files, the accompanying advances should be pursued: 

  • Leave Steam and go to the "Steam directory" on your PC. It tends to be found in (C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam) or at the custom area, where you stored it. 

  • Go to the envelope "Logs." Select "Txt." 

  • Quest for ongoing errors by moving to the bottom of the content file. 

  • You have to discover the 'root envelope' of the mod. Size may shift, as it is unique for various games. 

  • Restart Steam and move to the 'downloads' organizer. 

  • It will currently be requesting an update. 

  • Update the files, and the error will be settled. 

Fixing the degenerate files works in a large portion of the cases and it may work for this one also. If not, any of the other referenced fixes can likewise be utilized. 

Method 2: Resetting Winsock 

Winsock, abbreviated for Windows Sockets, is an API that goes about as a connection among Windows and TCP/IP associations. It characterizes how Windows arrange programming should get to the system administrations. 

Winsock list can at times be the explanation behind the disappointment of the update. In this way resetting it can help as it were. For this, you have to: 

  • Press the Windows + R keys together to open "Run," and try to run it as administrator. 

  • Order Prompt (Admin) 

  • Order Prompt (Admin) 

  • Type the accompanying order in the exchange box: "netsh Winsock reset." 

  • netsh winsock reset 

  • netsh winsock reset 

  • Hit Enter to execute the order. 

In the wake of following the means referenced above, restart your framework also, for the progressions to produce results. 

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Method 3: Relocation of Steam Installation and Game files 

We have to pursue this strategy in two sections. In the initial segment, you have to migrate Steam to ensure that it dispatches and runs superbly and true to form. Be that as it may, if an error happens during this procedure, it may degenerate the files, for which you have to reinstall Steam once more. 

To move Steam: 

  • Go to 'Steam Client' and snap on 'Settings.' 

  • In Settings, select 'Downloads' and snap on 'Steam Library organizers.' 

  • Further, click on 'Include Library Folder,' and select another way for Steam's area. 

  • After this progression, all different downloads identified with Steam will happen in this organizer as it were. 

  • Presently we have to move the current Steam files to this new area. For this, leave Steam customer. 

  • Go to the present Steam directory. 

  • Erase every one of the files and organizers. Try not to erase "SteamApps," "UserData" organizers, and "exe." 

  • Cut every one of the files and organizers. Glue them into the new area. 

  • Dispatch Steam and re-login. 

  • In the event that you face any error/issue while following these means, or in the wake of propelling Steam, pursue the beneath recorded advances: 

  • Close Steam and peruse to the new area of Steam. 

  • Move 'SteamApps' organizer from that point to your desktop. 

  • Uninstall Steam; to expel old Steam settings. 

  • Install Steam again on the underlying area. 


A while later, move the 'SteamApps' organizer there also. This will find all your game information over yonder. 

Dispatch Steam and re-login once more. 

Confirm uprightness of Steam game files. 

This is a viable strategy to fix the steam content file locked issue, however, ought to be turned to just if different fixes can't be utilized, because of this being a protracted and muddled arrangement. 

Steam Content File Locked error despite the fact that appears to be a very muddled one yet can be illuminated without hardly lifting a finger. Additionally, at whatever point experienced with an issue, more vitality will be dedicated to finding and applying arrangements and not on concentrating on the issue.